I am a third year PhD student at the University of Nottingham enrolled to a 4 year integrated program. My PhD project investigates the way digital geosocial data (e.g. georeferenced social media content) feature in geographical knowledge practices that aim to understand places (i.e. the relationship between activities, experiences and their milieux on the level of neighbourhoods, cities or regions). Theoretically, my project is informed by concepts from Science, Society and Technology Studies, Human Geography and Critical Data Studies.

I see my PhD research as an instantiation of my broader interests. I am intrigued by applied epistemology, in particular the methods and concepts we use to understand activities, practices and experiences in their context (be it the social or the behavioural sciences). Moreover, I am fascinated by the links between epistemology and practice in various topic areas, with an emphasis on mental health and education. I am also passionate about interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning. My own path demonstrates this passion, which includes research in psychology (psychopathology), cognitive science, human factors / ergonomics, organisational innovation, and my PhD project that combines sociology of science, human geography and critical data studies. These topic areas also include various instantiations of digital culture.

In terms of practical experience, working as an assistant psychologist in a community mental health service was one of the most formative experiences of my life so far. I also have extensive experience in organising conferences. Finally, I moved several times within Europe between 2010 and 2015 (Hungary, France, Ireland, UK) which taught me patience and questioning my assumptions. Since 2015 I have been based in the UK (first London, followed by Southampton and finally Nottingham). I feel very fortunate that I have the chance to discover various bits and pieces of British culture over a more extended period.

Past research projects include human factors & socio-technical systems, social influence & marketing strategy, joint action and psychopathology. Connecting themes between these seemingly distant topics are my interest in applied epistemology, relational and process ontologies, change & well being, interdisciplinary research and dynamical and situated models of intersubjectivity.

BuildingLoks expresses the triad of [enacting worlds through our own Building Blocks (ontologies)] + [finding appropriate units of analysis to understand Locations] + [understanding each other across ‘cultures’: loCal (EN) ~ loKális (HUN)]